Using JQuery how do I get the vertical space above an element on the page?

I have an element on a page about 150 pixels down the screen. This is different in different browsers so I want to auto scroll the page to the top of an element that is about 150 pixels down the page. How do I determine what the location of that element relative to the top of the page?

I am trying this but it isn't working. offset() is returning null.

var positionOfLiveMapTop = $(mapElem).offset().top;


window.scrollTo(0, $(mapElem).offset().top);

Make sure that mapElem is set. Your problem is most likely that it's not global and is undefined in the context you're using it in.


Are you executing your script after the DOM content has loaded?

$(document).ready( function() { var positionOfLiveMapTop = $(mapElem).offset().top; });


Jose, Unless you're looking for the animation associated with the scrollTo() function, this can be achieved without javascript by ulitizing the bookmark feature of anchors.

<a name="bookmark">Scroll to Here</a> <a href="#bookmark">From Here</a>


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