Docker run cannot find executable “uwsgi”

I am trying to deploy a falcon app with Docker. Here is my Dockerfile:

FROM python:2-onbuild # Set the working directory to /app WORKDIR /app # Copy the current directory contents into the container at /app ADD . /app RUN pip install -r ./requirements.txt RUN pip install uwsgi EXPOSE 8000 CMD ["uwsgi", "--http”, " :8000" , "—wsgi-file”, "falconapp.wsgi"]

However I keep getting error saying:

/bin/sh: 1: [uwsgi,: not found

I've tried running uwsgi in the local directory and it works well with the command:

uwsgi --http :8000 --wsgi-file falconapp.wsgi

Why is Docker not working in this case???

Here is the log, I'm pretty sure uwsgi is installed:

Step 5/7 : RUN pip install uwsgi ---> Running in 2df7c8e018a9 Collecting uwsgi Downloading uwsgi-2.0.17.tar.gz (798kB) Building wheels for collected packages: uwsgi Running setup.py bdist_wheel for uwsgi: started Running setup.py bdist_wheel for uwsgi: finished with status 'done' Stored in directory: /root/.cache/pip/wheels/94/c9/63/e7aef2e745bb1231490847ee3785e3d0b5f274e1f1653f89c5 Successfully built uwsgi Installing collected packages: uwsgi Successfully installed uwsgi-2.0.17 Removing intermediate container 2df7c8e018a9 ---> cb71648306bd Step 6/7 : EXPOSE 8000 ---> Running in 40daaa0d5efa Removing intermediate container 40daaa0d5efa ---> 39c75687a157 Step 7/7 : CMD ["uwsgi", "--http”, " :8000" , "—wsgi-file”, "falconapp.wsgi"] ---> Running in 67e6eb29f3e0 Removing intermediate container 67e6eb29f3e0 ---> f33181adbcfa Successfully built f33181adbcfa Successfully tagged image_heatmap:latest dan@D-MacBook-Pro:~/Documents/falconapp_api$ docker run -p 8000:80 small_runner /bin/sh: 1: [uwsgi,: not found


very often you have to write the full patch for the executable. If you go to your container and run this command whereis uwsgi it will tell you it is at /usr/local/bin/uwsgi so your CMD should be in the same form:

CMD ["/usr/local/bin/uwsgi", "--http", " :8000" , "--wsgi-file", "falconapp.wsgi"]


I see some incorrect syntax in CMD, please use this:

CMD ["uwsgi", "--http", " :8000" , "--wsgi-file", "falconapp.wsgi"]

some double quotes are incorrect and -- is not before wsgi-file .


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