OperationalError (1054, “Unknown column 'month' in 'field list'”)

I'm annotating price per month from my database, and I'm facing this error, I'm trying to figure out why, so in my model I have a DateTimeField, I have tried playing with data inside shell and everything is fine, I have it there, I also tried to look over db with MySQL Workbench and data is there, Full traceback and the rest of the code, can someone explain what is wrong with my annotation?


created = models.DateTimeField(auto_now_add=True)


from django.views.generic import ListView from django.db.models import Count, Sum from django.db import connection from projects.models import Project from .services import CurrencyConversionService class ProjectStatisticsList(ListView): model = Project template_name = 'statistics/statistics_list.html' paginate_by = 10 def get_context_data(self, **kwargs): context = super(ProjectStatisticsList, self).get_context_data(**kwargs) truncate_month = connection.ops.date_trunc_sql("year", "month") total_price_per_month = Project.objects.extra({"month": truncate_month}).values("month").annotate(sum_price=Sum("price_aux")) context['total_price_per_month'] = total_price_per_month return context

And in template:

<tr> {% for data in total_price_per_month %} <th class="aligh-left"> </th> {% endfor %} <td>Month: {{ data.month }}</td> <td>Price: {{ data.sum_price }}</td> </tr>


I don't think you can use fields from extra in a values clause.

But this is really the wrong way to do it. You should be using Django's database function support; specifically, the extract function:

from django.db.models.functions import Extract Project.objects.annotate(month=Extract('created', 'month').values("month").annotate(sum_price=Sum("price_aux"))


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