Updating MetaData on Connected account fails

I am using stripe connect(<strong>destination payment</strong>) with the help of stripe.net library from Jaymedavis.

The problem that I am facing is that I am not able to retrieve the destination payment ID to update the metadata in the connected account. The following line returns a null preventing me from updating meta data on the connected account. But the strange thing is that when I log in to the dashboard the destination payment ID exists. I am not sure why I am not able to retreive it in code.

Is the charge creation asynchronous?. I am not sure. Stripe's connect documentation does not help either. The following line returns a null. My code is down below. Seeking help.

String deschargeID = result.Transfer.DestinationPayment;

Here is the code that I am using

var service = new StripeChargeService(ZambreroSecretKey); var result = (Stripe.StripeCharge) null; try { result = service.Create(newCharge); if (result.Paid) { //get the chargeID on the newgen account and update the metadata. //Returns null even though it exists in the dashboard String deschargeID = result.Transfer.DestinationPayment; var chargeService = new StripeChargeService(newgenSecretKey); StripeCharge charge = chargeService.Get(deschargeID); charge.Metadata = myDict; Response.Redirect("PgeCustSuccess.aspx?OrderID=" + OrderID); } } catch (StripeException stripeException) { Debug.WriteLine(stripeException.Message); stripe.Text = stripeException.Message; }


The charge object's transfer attribute is not expanded by default, meaning it's just a string with the ID of the transfer object ("tr_..."), not a full transfer object.

According to Stripe.net's documentation, you can expand the transfer attribute by adding this line:

service.ExpandTransfer = True

before sending the charge creation request.

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