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I was running my application in the dev environment and then I wanted to view it in the prod environment and just replaced app_dev.php with app.php <strong>only in the URL</strong> and it worked.

But now I can't go back to the dev enviroment :(

My <strong>URLs</strong> are with app_dev.php, but the debug toolbar is missing and the errors I get don't have much information and it's relly difficult to debug them, so I think that I'm still in the prod environment.

How can I get back my toolbar and the nice, descriptive erorrs? I really miss them!


The problem was that some css interfered with the style of the toolbar. Solved after some investigation.


Just restore the file according to your version. Pick contents from Symfony2 repository:



Have you tried to access the application via app_dev.php again? :)


Do one more quick thing please:

    <li>Clear your cache first (on the command line: ./app/console cache:clear )</li> <li>And try to access your your site</li> </ul>

    Fore more information visit

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