CakePHP 2.1.1 foreach

In my view I want a HTML table something like this: COUNTRY TOWN france parisThis is my query:$foo=$this->country->find('all', array( 'contain' => array( 'Town' => array( 'conditions' =>

Why does Visual Studio not link correctly as a matlab mex file against the rundll?

I have the following problem: I have a 64 bit version of matlab 2011b. I need to call some functions from a DLL. This has been working some time ago with the prof version of visual studio 2010.Now I want to get it running with the express v

How to avoid the redefinition of a function (PEP8 error F811)

I have the following code inside a Python function:strings = ('TIRS10', 'TIRS11')if any(string in fields for string in strings): def transform(row): ''' Transform an input row in to a named tuple, then feed it in to a

Launching Android Weather App Via Intent

I want to launch the stock weather app from my android app via an intent, but I keep getting a force close runtime error, and LogCat gives me nothing. The code I am trying to use to achieve this is: public void startWeatherActivity() {

How to integrate Ganglia for Spark 2.1 Job metrics, Spark ignoring Ganglia metrics

I am trying to integrate Spark 2.1 job's metrics to Ganglia. My spark-default.conf looks like*.sink.ganglia.class org.apache.spark.metrics.sink.GangliaSink* Name* $MASTERIP*.sink.ganglia.port $PORT*.sink.

PHP json_decode for key with non-alphanumeric character

Suppose your JSON data has a key like @id ... with a non-alphanum character... How do you reference it via php json_decode? ->@id and ->'@id' don't seem to work... 1:Same as always.$decoded_json->{'@id'}

Reading only the words of a specific speaker and adding those words to a list

I have a transcript and in order to perform an analysis of each speaker I need to only add their words to a string. The problem I'm having is that each line does not start with the speakers name.Here's a snippet of my text fileBOB: blah bla

How can I run slider in vue component?

My view like this :@foreach($leagues as $league) id }})> {{ $league->name }} @endforeach...My top

Batch script runs fine, but fails when executed through PowerShell Remoting

I have the following batch script on a Windows 2008 R2 server:@echo offdjoin.exe /provision /domain /machine test /savefile savefile.txtecho %ERRORLEVEL%If I run the script on the server itself, either through command prompt o

Is it possible to disable Django two-factor authentication with a setting?

I'm trying to write a LiveServerTestCase for a website which is protected with Django Two-Factor Authentication. What I have so far is:import osfrom urllib.parse import urljoinfrom django.urls import reversefrom django.conf import settingsf

How to include math Symbols in Editor or Textbox

I have to include math symbols in my so whatever the symbols it may be sigma , integral , pie etc..or any how to write or display the Symbols in it should be UI so when the user click the particular Symbols it will display

Fix orientation of screen on Dialog view

I am using a custom dialog in my activity. I want to set the screen orientation only if the dialog is shown elsewhere the screen orientation can change to portrait to landscape vice versa. Is there any way to fix the orientation for such pa

Is it possible to remove an inherited field/method in a child class/interface?

Something along these lines:interface A { a: number; x: any;}interface B extends A { b: number;}interface C { a: number; b: number;}So the B would be equal to C (omitting field x but still extending A). Is it possible? If so, how? 1

Shapeless lenses usage with a string definition

I would like use shapeless lenses to access value of the case class field by a String definition.I know this code class Test(id: String, calc: Long)val instance = Test(123232, 3434L)val lens = lens[Test] >> 'idval valueOfFieldId

Pipe on multiple data in ramda

How can I pipe on multiple data arrays? Ultimately I want to achieve something like this: const data = [{id: 1, data:100}, {id: 2, data: 200}, {id: 3, data: 3000}, ... ]I tried this, but didn't work:pipe( map(assoc('data', __, {})), map(a

Can I use my RegularExpression attribute instead of the DataAnnotations one?

I'm trying to use a reusable regex class and use along with DataAnnotations in MVC. Something like:[RegularExpressionAttribute1(typeof(MyRegex))] This compiles but no error is thrown if the property doesn't match. It all works with the st

Calculating weights in a NN

So I am currently trying to implement my first NN with a genetic algorithm for training and a sigmoid activation function. It's all good but I'm not quite sure in what ranges the weights must be. I've searched some about the question but wi

Login works only for last user in the database

For some reason the login only works for the last user in the database. I have a while loop, but I think it makes the program to go to the last user. I tried using if statement but then only the first user can log in. if (username!=null &

Deep cloning objects

I want to do something like:MyObject myObj = GetMyObj(); // Create and fill a new objectMyObject newObj = myObj.Clone();And then make changes to the new object that are not reflected in the original object.I don't often need this functional

Updating MetaData on Connected account fails

I am using stripe connect(destination payment) with the help of library from Jaymedavis.The problem that I am facing is that I am not able to retrieve the destination payment ID to update the metadata in the connected account. Th

PyMongo - UserNotFound: Could not find user authenticated@admin

I checked the permission on the /etc/mongod.conf:vagrant@trusty64:/vagrant/test$ sudo docker exec -it mongodb ls -l /etc/mongod.conf-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 472 Jun 22 00:09 /etc/mongod.confThen, I checked it's corresponding content:vagrant@t

Code not pulling data after first webpage into excel

I have the below code that will pull through data from a table on the first page of a website (Price, name, currency, change etc) Public Sub GetTeamData()Dim strWebAddress As StringDim strH2AnchorContent As StringDim IEDocument As MSHTML.HT

Calculated fields within SQL query

Invalid column name ItemA, ItemB, ItemC, ItemD, and ItemEI am migrating this from Progress to SQL and can't reference the calculated fields within the query. After researching the errorit appears the only solution is to replace each item wi

How do you password protect entering the vba code editor from a sheet? [closed]

I want a method that will password protect my vba code, so that users in the sheet won't be able to go into the code editor without entering it. 1:You can protect your vba code by a password as described here: Web Api custom authentication requirement for mobile client

Please provide your feedback on my solution against following requirements.Requirement (similar to):1.a let say that authentication Token is made out of the Email and date and is encrypted1.b authentication Token is send back to the cli