Detecting and replacing merged words MyWord to My


I have a function which is detecting and unmerging two words i.e.


after function will become

Hello World

the problem is it will do same to iPhone -> i Phone which is not good, is there a way to replace only if first word is longer than 1

here is my current function (regex):

function unseparateWords($string) { $CapRegX = '/(\B[A-Z])(?=[a-z])|(?<=[a-z])([A-Z])/sm'; $RepStr = ' $1$2'; return preg_replace($CapRegX,$RepStr,$string); }

thanks for help.

cheers, /Marcin


You could search for the position between a lowercase and an uppercase character


and replace this "zero-length string" with a space.

(?<=\B[a-z]) # assert that we are right after a lowercase ASCII character # unless that character is the start of the current word (?=[A-Z]) # assert that there is an uppercase ASCII character right ahead


function unseparateWords($string) { return preg_replace('/(?<=\B[a-z])(?=[A-Z])/', ' ', $string); }


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