Deleting JS Object Properties a few levels deep


I have an object like this:

var myObj = { first: { sub: { level: "some text", level2: "some more text" }, sub2: { level3: "Something" } }, second: { stuff: "More stuff...lots of stuff" } }

what I want to be able to do is say

delete myObj.first.sub.level

But I won't know what is being passed, or how many levels deep I need to go in order to remove the correct property, meaning it could simply be:

Storage.removeItem('myObj.first'); // This is currently working

Or something more complex:

Storage.removeItem('myObj.first.sub2.level3'); // This doesn't work because I'm more than 1 level into the object.

I'm kind of stuck, because I can get to the point where I have the key "level3" and it's property "Something", but I can't figure out how to back-step correctly in order to delete the full section of that object.

I need to replicate it's place in myObj so I can delete the full passed object.


If that makes sense...


It's not pretty, but you could use something like this:

function deepDelete(target, context) { // Assume global scope if none provided. context = context || window; var targets = target.split('.'); if (targets.length > 1) deepDelete(targets.slice(1).join('.'), context[targets[0]]); else delete context[target]; } deepDelete('first.sub.level3', myObj); deepDelete('myObj.first.sub2.level3');

It would probably be a good idea to modify it to test for typeof context[targets[0]] !== 'undefined' before descending. How exactly you react to that (return false, throw, or whatever else) would depend on how you're using it.


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