VBA userform toolbox additional controls dialogue window not showing

While using MS Excel (Outlook, Word, or Power Point as well apparently) and using VBA, I create a userform. The toolbox shows up showing controls tab and 16 icons representing various controls. When I right click in some empty space in the tool box control area, a menu comes up listing "additional controls" at the top and two greyed out options below it. When I select "additional controls" a spinning blue circle appears briefly then disappears and nothing happens. It is my understanding that a dialogue box should open at this point and I should be able to select some additional controls.

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I have spent about a day scouring the net and various solutions to the problem. I noticed the problem while trying to follow a video on how to data scrape for my personal project which I asked for help here.

What I have tried

creating a user form on another computer and then importing it to this one. no success.

Repairing MS Excel. This resulted in a full reinstall I believe as I had to re enter my product key. No success

Resetting various registry key as mentioned in this article. no success.

KB 369383 as mention as part of the process above. no success.

Issue described here but no solution, just a work around to something to what the person was trying to add.

Setting MS Excel to run in compatibility mode...but there was no compatibility mode listed as an option under properties for the desktop icon.

Running as administrator even though my windows account has admin rights. no change.

Cleaning the registry with both ccleaner and wise registry cleaner.

Running Excel in safe mode using excel.exe /s. confirmed with (safe mode) in the title bar. No success.

My System

Windows 10

MS Office Professional 2013 - 32

(Note, no crystal reports added that I am aware of)

Additional Info

I tried it on another windows 10 machine running same version of MS Office and it worked there, so it should not solely be a windows 10 issue. My machine was an upgrade from windows 7 - 64. The other machine was an upgrade from windows 8.

So I just created a new windows user account and I tried it in there and the dialogue box comes up for that account. It just will not come up for my account. Windows really does personally hate me 8) hehehe. At least now we know that its SOMETHING to do with my user account/profile.


I found a solution to 'my' problem after spending 2-3 nights over this. It turned out to be a very simple and not-so-intuitive fix.

My problem was that when I right-click on the Toolbox, I do not even get to see the "Additional Control" option in the menu.

Click on the userform, so that its selected. Now go to Tools and Additional Controls is no longer greyed out. :)

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