How can I retrieve the previous URL in AngularJS

I know I can get the current URL using $ and $location.path() but I need a way to get previous one. Can I use a global variable or something like that?


Angular $rootScope will have the all information across your all app components.

Here below $location service injected on $rootscope will give you the route information.

$rootScope.$on('$locationChangeStart', function (event, current, previous) { console.log("Previous URL" +previous); });


You can use for example ui-router to control the flow of your application and with this library it's easy to implement previousState by saving it in $stateChangeSuccess event.


You can do this when listening on the $routeChangeSuccess event. Parameters are currentRoute and previousRoute. You can also use $locationChangeStart and save the current route yourself.

See here:

AngularJS $route

AngularJS $location

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