Java starting two threads? [duplicate]

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    i am new to java. I have two classes that looks like:

    public class hsClient implements Runnable { public void run() { while(true){ } } } public class hsServer implements Runnable { public void run() { while(true){ } } }

    If i try to start both classes as Thread it wont start the second thread. It looks like he stuck in the first one.

    This is my main class:

    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException { hsClient client = new hsClient(); Thread tClient = new Thread(client);; System.out.println("Start Client"); hsServer server = new hsServer(); Thread tServer = new Thread(server);; System.out.println("Start Server"); }

    If i run my code it only prints "Start Client" but not "Start Server" on the console


    Replace with tClient.start() and with tServer.start().

    Calling the run method directly executes it in the current thread instead of in a new thread.


    To start a thread use the start method.

    Thread tClient = new Thread(client); tClient.start(); // start the thread

    More info on threads can be found e.g. in the JavaDoc

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