Dropdowns not extending in shiny tabPanel

When a dropdown box is included as part of a tab panel in a shiny app, it doesn't behave in the same way as outside of a tab panel. Outside of a tab panel, when it is active, it extends beyond the element that contains it, but as a tab panel it is constrained, making it very difficult to use.

I would like to be able to use tab panels in a sidebarPanel, can anyone suggest how to get them to behave?

<strong>In a tab panel (problematic)</strong>

library(shiny) runApp(list( ui = pageWithSidebar( headerPanel("Dropdown issues in panels"), sidebarPanel( tabsetPanel(id="tabsetLeft", tabPanel("Panel1", selectInput("select1", "Select", 1:5) ))), mainPanel()), server = function(input, output) {}))

<strong>Outside a tab panel (how I want it work)</strong>

library(shiny) runApp(list( ui = pageWithSidebar( headerPanel("Dropdown issues in panels"), sidebarPanel( selectInput("select1", "Select", 1:5)), mainPanel()), server = function(input, output) {}))


You need to add some css. The overflow on the .tab-content needs to be visible"

.tab-content { overflow: visible; }

You can add this in a styles.css in a www folder in your app directory or inline:

library(shiny) runApp(list( ui = pageWithSidebar( headerPanel("Dropdown issues in panels"), sidebarPanel( tabsetPanel(id="tabsetLeft", tabPanel("Panel1", selectInput("select1", "Select", 1:5) ))), mainPanel(tags$head(tags$style(type="text/css", ".tab-content {overflow: visible;}")))), server = function(input, output) {}))

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