having cv2.imread reading images from file objects or memory-stream-like data (here non-extracted ta

I have a .tar file containing several hundreds of pictures (.png). I need to process them via opencv.

I am wondering whether - for efficiency reasons - it is possible to process them without passing by the disc. In other, words I want to read the pictures from the memory stream related to the tar file.

Consider for instance

import tarfile import cv2 tar0 = tarfile.open('mytar.tar') im = cv2.imread( tar0.extractfile('fname.png').read() )

The last line doesn't work as imread expects a file name rather than a stream.

Consider that this way of reading directly from the tar stream can be achieved e.g. for text (see e.g. this SO question).


Any suggestion to open the stream with the correct png encoding?

Untarring to ramdisk is of course an option, although I was looking for something more cachable.


Thanks to the suggestion of @abarry and this SO answer I managed to find the answer.

Consider the following

def get_np_array_from_tar_object(tar_extractfl): '''converts a buffer from a tar file in np.array''' return np.asarray( bytearray(tar_extractfl.read()) , dtype=np.uint8) tar0 = tarfile.open('mytar.tar') im0 = cv2.imdecode( get_np_array_from_tar_object(tar0.extractfile('fname.png')) , 0 )


Perhaps use imdecode with a buffer coming out of the tar file? I haven't tried it but seems promising.


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