Efficient map with case class as a key in Scala?

A following C code uses enum and array as efficient "map" from enum to anything:

enum Color { ColorRed, ColorGreen, ColorBlue, ColorSize}; void f() { int x[ColorSize]; x[ColorRed] = 12; x[ColorGreen] = 33; x[ColorBlue] = 4; return x[ColorGreen]; }

Is this possible with Scala? I.e. to have a "map" from case class to something, implemented as efficient array and not as tree or as hashmap. Yet I would like to be able to index only with a paricular type not with Int.

Update: In short I would like to have Scala Array indexed by some kind of enum (case class or Enumeration).


For small enumerations you can "simulate" the C behavior:

abstract sealed class Color(val index: Int) object Color { implicit def col2int(color:Color) = color.index } case object ColorRed extends Color(0) case object ColorGreen extends Color(1) case object ColorBlue extends Color(2) ... import Color._ val array = Array(1,2,3) array(ColorRed) = 12

However, I doubt this would be considered good style, especially because it's unsafe. Using a map is a better approach, or you could wrap an array in a specialized data structure which deals with Color indizes:

class ColorArray[T:ClassManifest] { val array = new Array[T] (3) def apply(color: Color) = array(color.index) def update(color: Color, value: T) = array(color.index) = value } ... val cArray = new ColorArray[Int]() cArray(ColorRed) = 12 println(cArray(ColorRed))


object Color extends Enumeration{
  val ColorRed, ColorGreen, ColorBlue = Value

import Color._
def f:Map[Color.Value,Int] = 
  Map(ColorRed -> 12 , ColorGreen -> 33, ColorBlue -> 4)



If you want the full C performance you could do this:

trait CEnum { private var size = 0; def value = { size += 1; size-1 } } object Color extends CEnum { val colorRed = value val colorGreen = value val colorBlue = value val colorSize = 3 } import Color._ def f() = { val x = Array[Int](colorSize) x(colorRed) = 12 x(colorGreen) = 33 x(colorBlue) = 4 x(colorGreen) }

It's equally unsafe as the method in C & just as performant. It is however very unsafe.

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