How can I prevent form submissions until previous onFormSubmit is finished.

I have written a form script that eliminates the chosen answer. This means it has to process a function onFormSubmit. While the script works, the end-user has to wait 30 seconds before they click resubmit or else the choice will not be eliminated.

Is there a way I can prevent submissions until the onFormSubmit function is completed?


I was able to accomplish this (thank you AdamL) using setAcceptingResponses(enabled).

function onFormSubmit(){ var af = FormApp.getActiveForm(); var defaultClosedFor = af.getCustomClosedFormMessage(); af.setCustomClosedFormMessage("The form is currently processing a submission, please refresh the page."); af.setAcceptingResponses(false); <put your script stuff here> af.setAcceptingResponses(true); af.setCustomClosedFormMessage(defaultClosedFor); }


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