Boostraping symfony 2 for pthread from command

I'm trying to start threads from symfony 2 command.

protected function execute(InputInterface $input, OutputInterface $output) { $parser = $this->getContainer()->get('app.article.parser'); $providers = $parser->getProviders(); foreach ($providers as $name=>$provider) { $parseThread = new ParseThread($parser, $name); $parseThread->start(); } }

ParseThread class:

class ParseThread extends \Thread { private $parser; private $providerName; function __construct (Parser $parser, $providerName) { $this->parser = $parser; $this->providerName = $providerName; } public function run () { $this->parser->parse($this->providerName); } }

$this->parser->parse(...) should, as I understand it be started in new thread. Inside parse method, based on string $providerName, bunch of classes are initialized.

Problem here is that new thread does not have Symfony 2 bootstrapped and thus has no composer autoloading - so my classes are not being loaded.

Is there any sensible way to bootstrap Symfony 2 in each thread, thus allowing for autoloading and all other things to work normally ?


PThreads doesn't inherit autoloading. This, however, shouldn't be a big deal. You can just do:

<?php class ParseThread extends \Thread { private $parser; private $providerName; function __construct (Parser $parser, $providerName) { $this->parser = $parser; $this->providerName = $providerName; } public function run () { require_once 'location/to/vendor/autoload.php'; $this->parser->parse($this->providerName); } }


I ended up adding this to run method:

$loader = require_once $kernel_root_dir.'/bootstrap.php.cache'; require_once $kernel_root_dir.'/AppKernel.php'; $kernel = new \AppKernel($env, true);

Adding only autoloaded did in fact load all classes, but produced a lot of other errors. Above code will bootstrap entire symfony 2, which will probably produce a bit larger footprint in each thread.


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