AngularJS: Send $http.get requests continuously until certain condition

As the title says, I want to send $http.get requests to the server until the returned results meets a condition.

This is what I tried:

var searchComplete = false; var sendGetReq = true; while(!searchComplete) // #2 and then jumps here { if(sendGetReq) { sendGetReq = false; // #1 execution reaches here $http.get('/user/getCondition', {params: {condition: $scope.condition}). success(function (condition, status, headers, config) { ... ... if(condition) { searchComplete = true; } else { sendGetReq = true; } } }

However, the $http.get request never goes. That statement is never reached. When I debugged, I saw that execution will come to sendGetReq=false and then jump to while(!searchComplete). The GET request is never sent.

Would someone please explain:

<ol> <li>Why the execution never reaches GET request and jumps back</li> <li>What is the recommended way to to do this continuous GET request</li> </ol>

Thank you.


Why not put it all together inside a function and call itself if condition is meet? Like this and you should use .then and not .success:

$scope.load = function(){ $http.get('/user/getCondition', {params: {condition: $scope.condition}). then(function (condition, status, headers, config) { if (condition){ $scope.load(); } }); }

Hope it helps =)


Do not use while (true), especially in JS.

JS works in one thread. $http.get will never run because your main thread stalled in you infinite loop and do not gave a chance for other threads to run.


function getHttpPromise() { return $http.get('/user/getCondition', {params: {condition: $scope.condition}). success(function (condition, status, headers, config) { ... ... if(condition) return true;//or any result you want to resolve else return getHttpPromise(); } }

getHttpPromise function returns promise, which will be resolved on your condition, in other case it will continues waiting with followed get request.

To use it, run the following code.

getHttpPromise().then(function (result) { // Will be called only when condition will be successful });


$http.get is asynchronous call and it will hit the success or error (both are deprecated, use then) function on response from server. When the function reaches this line

sendGetReq = false; // #1 execution reaches here

it makes the $http.get call (which is async) and then it moves the control to next iteration. That is the main purpose of async call.

If you want to make continuous calls you can write the $http.get call in a function and call that function using interval service of Angular JS.


$scope.func = function(){ if(condition) { $http.get.... } } $interval($scope.func, 1000)

where 1000 is the time interval in milliseconds after which the function is called


Try this inject $interval in your controller

var startInterval = $interval(function(){ var searchComplete = false; var sendGetReq = true; sendGetReq = false; // #1 execution reaches here $http.get('/user/getCondition', {params: {condition: $scope.condition}). success(function (condition, status, headers, config) { if(condition) { searchComplete = true; $scope.stopInterval(); } else { sendGetReq = true; } }) },1000) $scope.stopInterval = function(){ $interval.cancel(startInterval) }


As Andrew said it should be recursive and in your case use .then. To make it recursive encapsulate your $http service inside a function

.controller('YourController', function($http) { this.sendGetReq= function(data) { $http.get('/user/getCondition', {params: {condition: data.condition}). .then(function(res) { if (res.condition) { //finish your search } else { //set newdata somehow this.sendGetReq(newdata); } } };



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