Determining the parameters for “discovered_api”

This might be a really stupid question, but how do you determine the parameters to pass in the client "discovered_api" call? and then what is the executed "api_method"

For instance, I'm trying to call the Admin SDK Users List call which is "GET".

There doesn't seem to be a clear way of extracting this from the API reference, or am I just looking in the wrong place?


I misunderstood the original question. I still think the other post is potentially valuable so I thought I'd add a new answer.

I experimented a bit and this will display the Title, id and whether or not it is preferred. The ID has a colon which seems to be where you separate the first and second argument when calling discovered_api.

puts "Title \t ID \t Preferred" client.discovered_apis.each do |gapi| puts "#{gapi.title} \t #{} \t #{gapi.preferred}" end


I had this exact question. And for methods like get I figured it out.

Create your client and then do the following

api = client.discovered_api("admin", "directory_v1") puts "--- Users List ---" puts api.users.list.parameters puts "--- Users Get ---" puts api.users.get.parameters

This will print off the parameters. You can also use api.users.get.parameter_descriptions

Something that could be helpful if you are trying to probe into issues like this is to print off all the available methods. I typically do it like this.

puts api.users.insert.methods - Object.methods

If you try that one you will see that api.users.insert has the following methods after you take away the ones that are common to every object.

discovery_document api method_base method_base= description id http_method uri_template media_upload request_schema response_schema normalize_parameters generate_uri generate_request parameter_descriptions parameters required_parameters optional_parameters validate_parameters

I hope that helps.


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