SQL script to SSIS expression

I have the below T-SQL line of query that I'm trying to translate into Visual studio SSIS expression into derived column task.

So tableA has just [Work item /Submission no#] column, but I need to split them into two column like SubmissionCommon and SubmissionNumber in TableB when below case is executed.

CASE WHEN ISNUMERIC(SUBSTRING([Work item /Submission no#], 4, 2)) = 1 THEN LEFT([Work item /Submission no#], 15) ELSE LEFT([Work item /Submission no#], 16) END AS SubmissionCommon, [Work item /Submission no#] AS SubmissionNumber



I will suggested that you first add a derived column (you can name it IsNumeric), with the following expression:

(DT_NUMERIC, 18, 2)SUBSTRING([Work item /Submission no#], 4, 2) == (DT_NUMERIC, 18, 2)SUBSTRING([Work item /Submission no#], 4, 2) ? 1 : 0

Then near the bottom of the Derived Column Transform Editor window, click Configure Error Output. You need to tell SSIS to <strong>Ignore failure on Error</strong>

Add another Derived Column connect to the first on with the following expression

REPLACENULL([IsNumeric],0) == 1 ? LEFT([Work item /Submission no#], 15) : LEFT([Work item /Submission no#], 16)

Because the first one may throws an error

For detailed informations just follow this article:


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