Python; name bindings are not object references?

I am trying to understand what exactly a Python name binding is, and when this binding is interpreted.

In c,

include <stdio.h> int main() { int X = 42; int* Y[1]; Y[0] = &X; X = 666; printf("%d", *Y[0]); return 0; }

prints 666. I was expecting the block of Python code:

X = 42 L = [] L.append(X) #3 X = 666 print(L) #5

to do the same, but it does not. What exactly happens between the lines labeled 3 and 5? Does #3 make another reference to the object known as "42", like X, lets call it X', and store X' in the object pointed to by L, which is []?


What you state is almost what happens:

X = 42 # Create new object 42, bind name X to it. L = [] L.append(X) # Bind L[0] to the 42 object. X = 666 # Create new object 666, bind name X to it. print(L) # Will not see the 666.

The append is not binding the array element to the X, it's binding it to the object behind X, which is the 42.

When I first realised this is the way Python worked, things (specifically, things like this which had previously confused me and caused much angst and gnashing of teeth) became so much clearer.


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