Create a 7z Archive for files created by date using Powershell

I have directory where various daily files gets copied. I need to write a power shell script which will create 7z archive based on groups of file create date.The name of the archive includes those group dates.

Example Below

FileA 06/23/11 FileB 06/23/11 FileC 06/24/11

Script should create 2 archives

062311.7z contains FileA, FileB 062411.7z contains FileC

Thanks in advance

--------- Now I have to develop a compression routine which can take care of daily/Weekly/ Monthly durations


The first thing you need to do is group all the files via date using group-object:

$groups = dir | group-object -property {$_.LastWriteTime.Date}

then for each group, build a command string that does your zipping and execute it:

$groups | foreach{$cmd = "7z.exe a $((Get-Date $_.Name).ToString(`"MMddyy`")).7z $([string]::join(`" `", $_.Group))"; invoke-expression $cmd}

<strong>Warning</strong>, the above is not really tested (for ex. it won't work if you spaces in your filename). But hopefully, it will give you enough to proceed.


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