How can I validate an Excel cell reference that includes a sheet name?

I want to validate a cell reference in an Excel sheet formula.

Valid strings:

<ol> <li>Sheet1!A1</li> <li>'Sheet!!'!A1</li> </ol>

I am using following expression but it is not working.



Regex re = new Regex(@"^=('?[^']+'?|[^!]+)![A-Z]+[0-9]+$"); bool isOk = re.IsMatch("=Sheet1!A1");

Change the [^!] to whatever characters you do not want in the sheet's name.

It will match anything with the format ='<anything>'!XN or =<anything>!XN where X is at least one uppercase letter and N is at least one digit.

<strong>Edit</strong>: I am not sure if OP wants the = character at the start or not (the original post had it). If you don't, remove the = character from the start of the regular expression.


Oh some other problem.

Its working now



this one should work: =?(\s|\w)+![A-Za-z]+\d+


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