VS 2013 : Keyboard Shortcut to show the description of an error of mouseover

This is basically the same question as KeyBoard SHortcut to show the description of an error of mouseover but with regards to Visual Studio 2013 (without Reshaper). The answer in that question, (Ctrl</kbd> + K</kbd> ,Ctrl</kbd> + I</kbd>) no longer seems to work in Visual studio 2013

I am re-asking here:

If I have the following code block... and I have a red squiggly under the area where there is an error

<img src="https://i.stack.imgur.com/ncyY5.png" alt="screenshot of vs texteditor">

If I move my mouse over the red squiggly I get the error popup as follows...

<img src="https://i.stack.imgur.com/vjj6K.png" alt="screenshot of mouse-over error description">

Is there some keyboard shortcut to show this popup dialog with the error message - I would like to avoid using the mouse but still see the error message.

Update</b>: Like I said Ctrl</kbd> + K</kbd> ,Ctrl</kbd> + I</kbd> doesn't seem to be working properly.

Here is what i get when I press Ctrl</kbd> + K</kbd> ,Ctrl</kbd> + I</kbd>

<img src="https://i.imgur.com/Zo0Suel.png" alt="ctrl-k,ctrl-i">

Here is what i get when I mouse-over (This is what I went to get) <img src="https://i.imgur.com/aZRpggd.png" alt="mouse over">


I'm using the Visual Studio 2013 and Ctrl + K</kbd>, Ctrl + I</kbd> works for me. It's assigned to Edit.QuickInfo action in the Text Editor and Workflow Designer and it displays exactly what mouse-over displays and also what's displayed in the Status bar when the text cursor is on an underlined word.

Open the Tools menu, Options..., Environment, Keyboard and check what action is assigned to the shortcut Ctrl + K</kbd>, Ctrl + I</kbd>. Just press it in Press shortcut keys textbox.

Or the opposite - check what shortcut is assigned to the action Edit.QuickInfo (by searching it).

You can configure both to whatever you want.

Also check if Edit.QuickInfo is actually what you want. Open the Edit menu, IntelliSense submenu and select the Quick Info (there should be an assigned shortcut displayed next to the menu item). If it's not what you want, than probably some extension have overridden original mouse-over action and you need to find which action it is.

But as I wrote the default mouse-over action is Edit.QuickInfo.


hitctrl+\+E view the Error List window (default out-of-the-box keyboard config).


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