Scala equivalent to pyTables?

I'm looking for a little assistance in Scala similar to that provided by pyTables. PyTables is a package for managing hierarchical datasets and designed to efficiently and easily cope with extremely large amounts of data.

Any suggestions?


I had a quick look at pyTables, and I don't think there's anything remotely like it in Scalaland (or indeed Javaland), but we have a few of the ingredients necessary to make it a possibility if you want to invest the time:

    <li>scala.Dynamic to do idiomatic selection on data-driven structures</li> <li>A bunch of graph databases to provide the underlying navigational persistence substrate (I've had acceptable results from OrientDB, which has a better license than most) </li> </ul>


    PyTables is a python implementation of HDF5 with some added niceties to let you work on it in a pythonic way, and get good indexing support. I'm not sure if there's a package implemented in a similar way in Scala, but you can use the same HFD5 based hierarchical data storageusing the HDF5 implementation in Java: HDF Java


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