Converting a string to XML datatype before querying in T-SQL

How do I convert a string into an XML datatype so that I can query the data as XML:

For example (thanks to "mellamokb the Wise" who provided the original SQL for this)

The code below works fine if xmlstring is of the type XML (see <strong>DEMO</strong>)

select id, name from Data cross apply ( select Destination.value('data(@Name)', 'varchar(50)') as name from [xmlstring].nodes('/Holidays/Summer/Regions/Destinations/Destination') D(Destination) ) Destinations(Name)

However, if xmlString is of type varchar I get an error even though I'm converting the string to XML (<strong>DEMO</strong>):

select id, name from Data cross apply ( select Destination.value('data(@Name)', 'varchar(50)') as name from CONVERT(xml,[xmlstring]).nodes('/Holidays/Summer/Regions/Destinations/Destination') D(Destination) ) Destinations(Name)


You can do the cast it in one extra cross apply.

select id, T.N.value('@Name', 'varchar(50)') as name from Data cross apply (select cast(xmlstring as xml)) as X(X) cross apply X.X.nodes('/Holidays/Summer/Regions/Destinations/Destination') T(N)

SQL Fiddle

There might be performance issues with casting to XML. Have a look at this answer and this answer


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