Symbol not found: _libintl_gettext

I am trying to create a NodeJS module using C++ and node-gyp. The package depends on GNU's Gettext library. I am currently using Mac OS X Mountain Lion. I have tried installing the package myself via manual efforts, via Homebrew, and even via Fink.

The program works via Terminal.app and the package compiles. I can use the .node module just fine, except until I use a method in the library that uses gettext. I get the following errors in REPL and then REPL exits.

dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: Symbol not found: _libintl_gettext Referenced from: /Users/KevinMartin/Dropbox/www/node-locale/build/Release/locale.node Expected in: dynamic lookup dyld: Symbol not found: _libintl_gettext Referenced from: /Users/KevinMartin/Dropbox/www/node-locale/build/Release/locale.node Expected in: dynamic lookup Trace/BPT trap: 5

Thanks in advance.


This is probably happening because you are not listing libintl as a library to be dynamically linked. You need to add something like:

{ "targets": [ { "target_name": "...", "sources": ["..."], "libraries": ["/path/to/gettext/lib/libintl.a"] } }

to your binding.gyp file. libintl isn't being linked in your app, statically or dynamically, that is why you get the symbol error.


You can probably also do something like:

{ "targets": [{ "target_name": "...", "sources": [ "..." ], "link_settings": { "libraries": ["libintl.8.dylib"] } }] }


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