Gnuplot: Bar chart from a function

In difference to nearly 99.9% of all Gnuplot bar chart examples I don't have a data file but a function I want to visualize as a bar chart.

Let us take for example take the simple function f(x) = x

I want a bar char that creates one bar for every value of x between 0 and 20 (step size 1).

Therefore I used the following code, but it does not create 20 bars - it creates a lot more (about 100?).

set xtic 1 set xrange [0:20] set boxwidth 1 set style fill solid f(x)=x plot f(x) with boxes

How to make this bar chart work correctly?


You want the set samples command. Try:

set xtic 1 set xrange [0:20] set boxwidth 1 set style fill solid f(x)=x set samples 21 plot f(x) with boxes


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