what is the standard ada include path

Im using gnat4.6 on Ubuntu installed using apt-get. I need to know where to install downloaded libraries like APQ. What should I set my ADA_INCLUDE_PATH and ADA_OBJECTS_PATH to?


The beauty of Ada support in Debian (on which Ubuntu is based) is that you don't need to mess with ADA_INCLUDE_PATH and friends; supported libraries are installed where the GNAT Project Manager expects to find them. Say gnatls -v to see the default values.

To use the system as intended, you will find it much simpler to use the GNAT Project Manager; you'd say, in your my_project.gpr file,

with "apq"; project My_Project is ...

and build with

$ gnatmake -P my_project

There's online documentation for GPR, but I wouldn't call it particularly user-friendly. There's a set of Youtube videos (I haven't looked at them in any detail; their stated interest is large systems, but hang in there).


I use gnatmake to build; how do I cite my build paths in a correct way?

The relevant options are shown in 6.2 Switches for gnatmake: Source and library search path switches.

Addendum: The development package is libapq3.2.0-dev.


    The manual is in /usr/share/doc/libapq3.2.0-dev/manual.pdf.gz

    </li> <li>

    An example and corresponding .gpr file are in /usr/share/doc/libapq3.2.0-dev/examples. As @Simon suggested, the .gpr file begins:

    with "apq.gpr"; project APQ.Samples is </li> <li>

    The Ada include files are in /usr/share/ada/adainclude/apq.

    </li> <li>

    The libraries are in /usr/lib.

    </li> </ul>
    $ dpkg -L libapq3.2.0-dev


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