String trim and split

I have a text file that I read and I need to get the values from.

Example text file:

[Site 01]

[Site 02]

Currently my code reads through the file and places each each as an array entry for each line DBServer= that is found and this text file can have many sites:

$NumOfSites = Get-Content $Sites | Select-String -Pattern "DBServer=" -Context 0,3 $i = 0 $NumOfSites | ForEach-Object { $svr = $NumOfSites[$i] -isplit "\n" | % { ($_ -isplit 'DBServer=').Trim()[1] } $db = $NumOfSites[$i] -isplit "\n" | % { ($_ -isplit 'DBName='.Trim())[1] } $uid = $NumOfSites[$i] -isplit "\n" | % { ($_ -isplit 'Username='.Trim())[1] } $pswd = $NumOfSites[$i] -isplit "\n" | % { ($_ -isplit 'Password='.Trim())[1] } $i = $i+1 }

I can't get each attribute to split out properly without some extra spaces or something nicely as a string variable. I just need to extract the info to put into an SQL connection line as variables from the format of the file example I have.


Other than the record headers (i.e. [Site 01]) the rest can be handled by ConvertFrom-StringData just fine. We can just convert the records to objects directly splitting on the header row more or less. ConvertFrom-StringData turns a multi-line string into a hashtable, and you can just cast that as a [PSCustomObject] and viola, you have objects that are easy to use.

$NumOfSites = Get-Content $Sites -raw $SiteObjects = $NumOfSites -split '\[.+?\]'|%{[PSCustomObject](ConvertFrom-StringData -StringData $_)}

Then you can manipulate $SiteObjects however you see fit (output to CSV if you want, or filter on any property using Select-Object). Or, if you're looking to make connections you can loop through it building your connections as needed...

ForEach($Connection in $SiteObjects){ $ConStr = "Server = {0}; Database = {1}; Integrated Security = False; User ID = {2}; Password = {3};" -f $Connection.DBServer.Trim(), $Connection.DBName.Trim(), $Connection.Username.Trim(), $Connection.Password.Trim() <Do stuff with SQL> }

<strong>Edit:</strong> Updating my answer since the sample text was changed to add <pre> and </pre>. We just need to remove those, and since the OP is getting errors about methods on null values we'll filter for null as well.

$NumOfSites = Get-Content $Sites -raw $SiteObjects = $NumOfSites -replace '<.*?>' -split '\[.+?\]' | ?{$_} |%{[PSCustomObject](ConvertFrom-StringData -StringData $_)} ForEach($Connection in $SiteObjects){ $svr = $Connection.DBServer.Trim() $db = $Connection.DBName.Trim() $uid = $Connection.Username.Trim() $pwd = $Connection.Password.Trim() }


Here's a suggestion if you only care about getting the value after the equals:

Get-Content Example.txt | ForEach-Object { Switch -Regex ($_) { 'dbs.+=' { $svr = ($_ -replace '.+=').Trim() .. etc .. } }

Get-Content piped to ForEach-Object will interpret each line as its own object.


Edit: You were most of the way there, but it's unnecessary to -split the lines

$NumOfSites = Get-Content $Sites | Select-String -pattern "DBServer=" -Context 0,3 $NumOfSites | ForEach-Object { Switch -Wildcard ($_) { 'DBS*=' { $svr = ($_ -replace '.+=').Trim() } 'DBN*=' { $db = ($_ -replace '.+=').Trim() } 'U*=' { $uid = ($_ -replace '.+=').Trim() } 'P*=' { $pw = ($_ -replace '.+=').Trim() } } }


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