Apache - Can I make a proxy server with just Apache?

I have a bunch of subdomains in one single server:

    <li>a.example.com</li> <li>b.example.com</li> <li>news.example.com</li> </ul>

    All of them are in the same Apache virtualhost.

    I need to use a feed provided by the news subdomain inside the a and b subdomain. The feeds typically look like this:

      <li>news.example.com/news/a</li> <li>news.example.com/news/b</li> </ul>

      On the a and b subdomains, I'm using jquery's ajax function to load the data from the news feeds, and present it on a and b. This initially didn't work, because of the same-origin policy.

      I was able to override this by adding the Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*" to my Apache config file.

      ... but this works only in Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Internet explorer seems to ignore that directive.

      Thus, I need to create a proxy.

      What I need is a new directory in all my subcomains (for example /proxy) that Apache detects, and redirects to news.example.com, no matter what the subdomain. So:

        <li>a.example.com/proxy/news/a -> return the contents of news.example.com/news/a</li> <li>b.example.com/proxy/news/b -> return the contents of news.example.com/news/b</li> </ul>

        Can I do this directly in Apache + submodules (for example, mod_rewrite), or do I need to use a scripting language like PHP for doing this?


        You want the ProxyPass Directive.

        ProxyPass /proxy/news/a http://news.example.com/news/a


        At the end we were able to make the proxy using a combination of two modules: mod_rewrite and mod_proxy.

        The syntax was the following:

        rewriteEngine on rewriteRule proxy/(.+)$ http://news.example.com/$1 [P]

        The [P] at the end is telling the rule "act as a proxy" and doesn't work without mod_proxy. Without it, apache makes a "redirect" (the url at the top of the page changes) instead of "just serving the page".


        Apache can be configured to use apache:

        consider this working sample code (proxy part):

        <VirtualHost *:80> ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost ServerName ci.testserver.com ServerAlias ci ProxyRequests Off <Proxy *> Order deny,allow Allow from all </Proxy> ProxyPreserveHost on ProxyPass / http://localhost:8080/ </VirtualHost>


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