Doxygen not documenting php code inside if tags

I am using doxygen, but it doesn't document some of my classes. All these classes are called in the following way:

<?php if(!class_exists('a')){ class a{ function b(){ print 'c'; } } } ?>

I assume it has to do with if(!class_exists('a')), how can i let doxygen still document this?


Doxygen has many issues documenting php code. And many of them can be corrected by using an input_filter.

Use the following code as filter

<?php $source = file_get_contents($argv[1]); $regexp = '#(<\?php[\s]+)(if\(!class_exists\([^\)]+\)\)\{)([\s\S]*)(\})([\s]*\?>)#'; $replace = '$1 $3 $5'; $source = preg_replace($regexp, $replace, $source); echo $source; ?>

and enter it as

/path/to/php php_var_filter.php

into the INPUT_FILTER setting.

Notice: This way you can fix many doxygen issues. If something does not work, it is beacause of a difference between c (or c++) code to php code (most likly). You can use the input_filter to change your php code to look more like c code. This will fix many problems.

<strong>Edit</strong> Maybe you also want to think about an autoload function. I think this is a better way to get the if(!class_exists(..))-result.

<strong>Edit</strong> I just noticed I already answerd a similar question different. You can also use this answer.

You can find some more input filters to improve doxygen's php support on GitHub.


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