How to create Alignment Object using alignment API

I have a local alignment.rdf file and using alignment API library here I want to create Alignment object and convert it to .owl file.

My code is here:

AlignmentParser aparser = new AlignmentParser(0); Alignment result = aparser.parse( new File( "Ontologies/alcomo-alignment.rdf" ).toURI() ); File merged1 = new File( "Ontologies/final_alignment.owl"); PrintWriter writer1 = new PrintWriter ( new FileWriter( merged1, false ), true ); AlignmentVisitor renderer1 = new OWLAxiomsRendererVisitor(writer1); result.render(renderer1); writer1.flush(); writer1.close();

but I face with this error:

OWLAxiomsRenderer: cannot render simple alignment. Need an ObjectAlignment





ObjectAlignment oresult = ObjectAlignment.toObjectAlignment(result); oresult.render(renderer1);

Discussed in: http://alignapi.gforge.inria.fr/builtin.html

Note that for this purpose, the URI of the ontologies in the initial file must be dereferenceable.


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