Ext.window.MessageBox draggable false, error calling hide method

After creating an instance of MessageBox like this

var msgBox = Ext.create('Ext.window.MessageBox',{draggable: false});

-actually draggable false was set through an override to Ext.window.Window, I'm putting it like this to make it easier to reproduce.

- also I do prefer the singleton syntax but there are already a ton of instances created like this in the code I'm working on.

msgBox.alert("I am a bug, try to close me to reproduce");

Trying to close this MessabeBox calls the hide method:

hide: function() { var me = this; me.dd.endDrag(); me.progressBar.reset(); me.removeCls(me.cfg.cls); me.callParent(arguments); },

which throws the following error:

Cannot read property 'endDrag' of undefined

Am I missing something or this is a bug?


<strong>I'm using ExtJs 4.1.1 (but also happens in Extjs 4.2.1 (fixed on 4.2.2))</strong>

Any ideas or comments ?


To avoid this error I'm overriding hide method on MessageBox class:

Ext.define('Ext.window.MessageBox', { override: 'Ext.window.MessageBox', hide : function () { /** * this is the default implementation of hide in minus MessageBox the commented line * */ var me = this; //me.dd.endDrag(); me.progressBar.reset(); me.removeCls(me.cfg.cls); /** * this is the implementation of hide in Ext.Component * avoided callParent() because that would have called the overridden hide method */ me.showOnParentShow = false; if (!(me.rendered && !me.isVisible()) && me.fireEvent('beforehide', me) !== false) { me.hidden = true; if (me.rendered) { me.onHide.apply(me, arguments); } } return me; } });

<strong>Update, this was the original override</strong>

Ext.window.Window.override({ initComponent: function () { this.draggable = false; this.resizable = false; this.callParent(); } });

I'm open to suggestions to avoid this override. Thanks.


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