Universal link - The domain has some validation issue

Im working on universal link to open the application while tap the url. I am using https server and done all the steps from apple (Apple Doc). But the apple universal link validator show below error,

Your file's 'content-type' header was not found or was not recognized.

enter image description here

The apple-app-site-association file successfully uploaded to server and the file be like below,

{ "applinks": { "apps": [], "details": [ { "appID": "J2HBF9A3PZ.com.aors.speaku", "paths": [“*”,”/“] } ] } }

And apple said no need to sign the apple-app-site-association file whether the domain has https.

If the file is unsigned, it should have a Content-Type of application/json. Otherwise, it should be application/pkcs7-mime.

So my query is how to mention the content type(application/json) in this apple-app-site-association file???

please help me on this. i don't know what it mean exactly.


I just solved this issue myself. I had to logon to my server and go to the directory where the apple-app-site-association file was. In this directory, I had a .htaccess file which I modified to include the following lines:

<Files "apple-app-site-association"> ForceType 'application/json' </Files>

After doing this, the validation service stopped complaining about the Content-Type.


    <li>If you don't have a .htaccess file, you can just create one.</li> <li>I presume the .htaccess file should be in the root of your site directory (which is where you would most likely have placed your apple-app-site-association file.</li> </ul>


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