Convert array of objects and their properties to array

I tried several of the map functions but could not find a proper way to get what I want. Here is the case:

Object {Results:Array[3]} Results:Array[3] [0-2] 0:Object id=null name: "Rick" upper:"0.67" 1:Object id="00379321" name:null upper:"0.46" 2:Object id="00323113" name:null upper:null

I want my final result to look like this. I wanted all null values to be removed and all the entries tied up like this in an object.

var finalResult = ["Rick","0.67","00379321","0.46","00323113"];

How can I achieve this result?


I suggest to use a fixed array for the keys, because the properties of an object have no order and the order is relevant.

<div class="snippet" data-lang="js" data-hide="false" data-console="true" data-babel="false"> <div class="snippet-code">

var data = [{ id: null, name: "Rick", upper: "0.67" }, { id: "00379321", name: null, upper: "0.46" }, { id: "00323113", name: null, upper: null }],
    result = [];

data.forEach(function (a) {
    ['id', 'name', 'upper'].forEach(function (k) {
        if (a[k] !== null) {



_.chain(a) .map(function(x) {return _.values(x)}) .flatten() .filter(function(x) {return x != null;}) .value()


Small modification for @andrey's code (requires lodash.js)

var a = [{id:null, name: "Rick", upper:"0.67"}, {id:"00379321", name:null, upper:"0.46"}, {id: "00323113",name:null, upper:null}] _(a) .map(function(x) {return _.values(x)}) .flatten() .without(null) .value()


Another underscore solution, similar to the other underscore solutions, but uses <strong>reject</strong> and the <strong>isNull</strong> predicate:

var result = _.chain(data) .map(_.values) .flatten() .reject(_.isNull) .value();


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