Undeclared identifier but is declared

I wrote this code :

#define HIDE __attribute__((visibility("hidden"))) HIDE int main(){ int x = 10; int z = 5; int c; c = call1(x,z); } HIDE int call1(int a,int b) { int r; r = a+b; return r; }

But when I try to compile it I get this error: error: use of undeclared identifier 'call1' c=call1(x,z);

I already looked here but have not found similar problems. If it does matters, I am using Xcode to compile the code.


Undeclared identifier but is declared

No, it isn't. Your identifier is defined, not declared. This is a common source of confusion. Declaration of an identifier means to give it a unique signature that can be referred to in the following code lines. Definition means to give it a certain value/implementation. A definition implies declaration for the following code.

<strong>At least an identifiers complete declaration must have been seen before first usage.</strong>

That said you can simply put a declaration for your function before main()

HIDE int call1(int a,int b);

or just change your code to

HIDE int call1(int a,int b) { int r; r= a+b; return r; } HIDE int main() { int x = 10; int z = 5; int c; c=call1(x,z); }

and put the definition (which actually implies the declaration) before main() to have a forward declaration for your function.

I'm going to cite the current standards section 3.1 here

3.1 Declarations and definitions [basic.def]

1 A declaration (Clause 7) may introduce one or more names into a translation unit or redeclare names introduced by previous declarations. If so, the declaration specifies the interpretation and attributes of these names. A declaration may also have effects including: — a static assertion (Clause 7), — controlling template instantiation (14.7.2), — use of attributes (Clause 7), and — nothing (in the case of an empty-declaration).



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