Capture all events (click, change, onmouseover, e.t.c) for a given element using jquery

Is there anyway that I can check if an existing element has event handlers attached to it? Suppose a simple javascript method adds a click event to some div.example (sans jquery), so there are not attribute tags, is it possible to then, using jquery, to capture the event that was attached? I tried to accomplish this using the code below to no avail:

$( '.example' ).each( function() { var newObj = $(this); $.each($(newObj).data("events"), function(i, event) { alert(i); $.each(event, function(j, h) { alert(h.handler); }); });



Try this

$( '#elm1' ).each( function() { $.each($(this).data("events"), function(i, event) { alert(i); $.each(event, function(j, h) { alert(h.handler); }); }); });


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