How to select CollectionView cell in RxSwift

I need to select the item at specific index in collection view using RxSwift.This method is not working fine.

collectionView.rx.modelSelected(SearchResult.self).subscribe(onNext:{ menuItem in }).addDisposableTo(disposeBag)

Can anybody help?


If you want the indexPath of item selected you can use the following :

collectionView .rx .itemSelected .subscribe(onNext:{ indexPath in //your code }).disposed(by: disposeBag)

and if you want to the model being selected :

collectionView .rx .modelSelected(SearchResult.self) .subscribe(onNext: { (model) in //Your code }).disposed(by: disposeBag)

And you can combine the above, to get the modelSelected with their indexPath as follow:

Observable .zip( collectionView .rx .itemSelected ,collectionView .rx .modelSelected(SearchResult.self) ) .bind{ [unowned self] indexPath, model in } .disposed(by: disposeBag) }


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