Query to Update Table using another table as information?

I have two tables, Staff and Wages

Staff Contains

id, name, jobID, wage 1 Name1 2 2 Name2 4 3 Name3 1 4 Name4 2

Wages Contains

JobID, Wage 1 1500 2 800 3 1600 4 2000

(There are alot more columns in the actual one I have just took the top 4)

I am missing the wages inside the Staff table, and the wages I need in the staff table are the rates in the Wages table..

So I need a query which would make the Staff table look like:

id, name, jobID, wage 1 Name1 2 800 2 Name2 4 2000 3 Name3 1 1500 4 Name4 2 800

An example Query which I tried was:

UPDATE `Staff` SET wage = (SELECT wage FROM `Wages`) WHERE jobID = (Select jobId FROM `Wages`)



I would just leave the tables as they are (without the wage column in Staff), in their normalized state, and run this query anytime I need the full set of (denormalized) data:

SELECT s.id, s.name, s.jobID, w.wage FROM Staff s LEFT OUTER JOIN Wages w ON s.jobID = w.jobID



UPDATE Staff a INNER JOIN Wages b ON a.jobID = b.JobID SET a.wage = b.wage


UPDATE a SET a.wage = b.wage FROM Staff a INNER JOIN Wages b ON a.jobID = b.JobID


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