How to get the value of checkbox

How to get the value of a check box?

var tb = new Ext.Toolbar(); tb.add({ xtype: 'checkbox', boxLabel: 'Expand Groups by Default', id: 'GetChkBoxValue', checked: true, handler: function() { alert(this.getValue()) } });

Is it possible to get the value of the checkbox outside tb.I have done something like this but it is not firing



Try out the following code, it should work:

new Ext.Window({ renderTo: Ext.getBody(), width: 500, height: 200, title: 'test window', items: [{ xtype: 'checkbox', boxLabel: 'Expand Groups by Default', id: 'chkid', checked: true }] }).show() Ext.getCmp('chkid').getValue()

Then play with the checkbox and with getValue() you get its state (checked or not). Happy ExtJS coding!


Here is what worked for me:

var expandAllGroupsCheckbox = Ext.create( { xtype: 'checkbox', boxLabel: 'Expand Groups by Default', id: 'chkid', checked: true, afterRender: function() { Ext.form.Checkbox.superclass.afterRender.call(this); alert(this.getValue());// giving true this.checkChanged(); }, checkChanged: function() { var checked = expandAllGroupsCheckbox.getValue(); gv.startCollapsed = !checked; if ( gv.mainBody ) { gv.toggleAllGroups( !checked ); } }, listeners: { check: { fn: function(){expandAllGroupsCheckbox.checkChanged()} } } });

And then:

tbar: [ expandAllGroupsCheckbox , { xtype: 'tbbutton', icon: '/images/icon_list_props.gif', handler: function() { ShowPreferencesPage(); } } ],


Just this:

var cbox = Ext.getCmp('cboxId'); alert(cbox.checked);


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