Extjs 4.1 Check Change Listener

What is the right way to handle menu check items events ?

I have this menu:

{ xtype: 'button', id: 'types_btn', autoWidth: true, text: 'Types', menu: { xtype: 'menu', frame: true, id: 'types_menue', items: [ { xtype: 'menucheckitem', id: 'f_type', text: 'first', listeners: { checkchange: { fn: me.onFirstButtoncheckchange, scope: me } } }, { xtype: 'menucheckitem', id: 's_type', text: 'second', listeners: { checkchange: { fn: me.onSecondButtoncheckchange, scope: me } } }

Then the functions:

onFirstButtoncheckchange: function(menucheckitem, checked, options) { var t = Ext.getCmp('f_type'); if (t.checked) goToFunction(???); . . }, onSecondButtoncheckchange: function(menucheckitem, checked, options) { var t = Ext.getCmp('s_type'); if (t.checked) goToFunction(???); . . },

1- Is there anyway to use one listener and gather all different functions in it ?

2- How can I send the current item to goToFunction() as you see in the code ?


Just make an handler for each menu check item:

items: [{ xtype: 'menucheckitem', text: 'select all' , id: 'first' , listeners: { checkchange: me.myHandler } },{ xtype: 'menucheckitem', text: 'select specific' , id: 'second' , listeners: { checkchange: me.myHandler } }]

And your handler defined as follows:

myHandler: function (menucheckitem, checked, opts) { switch (menucheckitem.getId ()) { // Here handles the first case 'first': if (checked) { console.log ('First checked!'); goToFunction (); } break; // Here handles the second case 'second': if (checked) { console.log ('Second checked!'); goToFunction (); } break; default: console.log ('Whatever!'); } }


Looks like the listener doesn't get triggered quite often. You can use checkHandler config instead.


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