Create a directory

I am trying to create a directory using the following code. It compiles, but it does not create a directory. Any suggestions?

#include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include <sys/stat.h> int main(void) { const char base[] = "filename"; char filename [ FILENAME_MAX ]; int number = 42; sprintf(filename, "%s/%d", base, number); printf("filename = \"%s\"\n", filename); mkdir (filename, S_IRWXU); return 0; }


Does the "filename" directory already exist? mkdir() will only create one directory at a time; if the parent directory doesn't exist either, you'll have to create it separately, first.


Most probably it fails to create directory because you are trying to create a nested directory and its parent does not exist. mkdir cannot create directories recursively. But you can only guess unless you properly check return codes and errors in your program.


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