Automaticly add CV-qualified functions

I have next class

class Parameter { private: T value_; public: // Get T& value() { return value_; } volatile T& value() volatile { return value_; } const T& value() const { return value_; } const volatile T& value() volatile const { return value_; } }

How can I minimize number of lines, amount of code. I want to write once T& value() and achieve CV-qualified versions automatically. Possible?


Yes, you could use macro, but I can't see any use of such:

#define IDK_WHY(returnType, functionName, functionArgs, functionBody) \ returnType functionName functionArgs functionBody \ volatile returnType functionName functionArgs volatile functionBody \ const returnType functionName functionArgs const functionBody \ const volatile returnType functionName functionArgs volatile const functionBody class Parameter { using T = int; //for testing, dunno what is T in your code private: T value_; public: // note you can't use comma in last argument, it would require more complex macro IDK_WHY(T&, value, (), { return value_;}) //done };


If you are going to expose every reference to a variable, expose the variable.

Now p.value_ does exactly what you want.

Barring that, the easiest way is to write:

template< class A, class B > using same_test = std::enable_if_t< std::is_same< std::decay_t<A>, std::decay_t<B> >{}, int>

then inside the class write:

template<class Self, same_test<Self, Parameter> =0> friend decltype(auto) get_value( Self&& self ) { return decltype(self)(self).value_; }

now get_value( p ) will return p.value with the right l/r/cv qualifications.

If you don't like that syntax, I can provide you with (p->*value)():

template<class F> struct magic_method_ptr_t { F f; template<class Lhs> friend auto operator->*(Lhs&& lhs, magic_method const& m) { return [&](auto&&...args)->decltype(auto) { return m.f( decltype(lhs)(lhs), decltype(args)(args)... ); }; } }; template<class F> magic_method_ptr_t<F> magic_method_ptr( F f ) { return {std::move(f)}; } auto value = magic_method_ptr( [](auto&& x){ return get_value(decltype(x)(x)); }

Add this to the get_value case above, and (p->*value)() works.

I cannot provide you with p.value() syntax, barring ugly macros.


Another solution could be with the usage of macros. Maybe is less elegant, but it's very simple, clear and powerful.

You may define a macro simply taking the member variable name and writing each getter (you can explode that with setter and other utilities as well).

/// @param X is the variable name /// @param Y is the get name. The result will be get_##Y #define create_getters(X, Y) decltype(X)& get_##Y() { \ return this->X; \ } \ const decltype(X)& get_##Y() const { \ return this->X; \ } // Example class class Foo { std::string m_data; public: // expose m_data as get_Data() create_getters(m_data, Data); // Actually you don't need ; here }; int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { Foo f; auto&& r = f.get_Data(); // ref auto&& cr = static_cast<const Foo&>(f).get_Data(); // const-ref return 0; }


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