Can I have a macro run whenever I save a file in Visual Studio 2005?

When I save a file in Visual Studio 2005, I'd like to have a macro also run that updates a copyright (through a regular expression search and replace).

I'm not new to regular expressions, but I am new to VB/VBA and Visual Studio macros, so what I need help with specifically is:

<ol> <li>

getting a macro to run upon save, preferably after I press CTRL-S but before it actually writes the file so that the results of the search and replace are actually saved without having to save twice

</li> <li>

calling search and replace for a regular expression from inside the VB/VBA macro

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You can record, rename, and assign a macro. Here's what I did.

<ol> <li>Menu: /Tools/Macros/Record Temporary Macro</li> <li>Ctrl</kbd>-Shift</kbd>-H</kbd> - brings up the solution wide search and replace</li> <li>Under find options in this dialog select regular expressions. Note these will be slightly different in syntax than what you find in System.Text.RegularExpressions.</li> <li>Alt</kbd> then F</kbd> then L</kbd> - file save all</li> <li>Open the macro editor with Menu: /tools/macros/macro explorer</li> <li>Right click the temporary macro to edit. </li> <li>In the Project Explorer of this macro right click to rename the temporary macro and save</li> <li>Assign to a key combination: Here’s a link to assign it to a key combination </li> </ol>

So the idea is you can record something that is almost what you want. Then tweak it, and assign it to a key combination. Definitely try your regex first and note that there will be a dialog interrupting you if anything in your solution is read-only.


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