how can I strcat one character to array character in c++

I want to get one character from cin.get() and add it to a array character. I use strcat but the single character has an error. please help me if you know. thanks for all answers.

void main (void) { char e[80]="hi"; char c; cin.get(c); strcat(e,c); cout << "e: " << e << endl; getch(); }

This is part of my code that I want to do this.


stncat() concatenates two strings, method signature looks like this,

char * strncat ( char * destination, const char * source, size_t num );

but you are trying to concatenate a char which is not right!

As you are using C++, it is safe and easy to do it in C++ style rather than using C style.So use

std::string cAsStr(c); // Make the string e += aAsStr; // + operator does the concatenation

If you are desperate to do it in the C style, use:

char cAsStr[] = { c, '\0' }; // Making a C-style string strcat(e, cAsStr); // Concatenate


Change strcat(e,c) to strncat(e, &c, 1)


A little change to your code would do it.

char e[80]="hi"; char c[2] = {0}; // This is made as an array of size 2 cin.get(c[0]); // Character is read into the first position. strcat(e,c); cout << "e: " << e << endl;


char s[] = { c, 0 }; strcat(e, s);

But please, just use std::string:

string e="hi"; char c; cin.get(c); e += c; cout << "e: " << e << endl;


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