Audio Level Meter for Web RTC Stream

I would like to create a decibel meter for the audio that is playing in a video element. The video element is playing a WebRTC stream.

At the moment WebRTC streams cannot be passed into a Web Audio Analyzer. (Although this might change soon … ) (see Web Audio API analyser node getByteFrequencyData returning blank array)

Is there currently another way to get decibel information from a remote mediastream?


Chrome 50 was released: As of the 13th of April 2016 using an Analyser Node with a MediaStreamAudioSourceNode works fine to get audio levels. The resulting audioLevels value can be animated or simply passed into a html meter element.

var _mediaStream = SOME_LOCAL_OR_RTP_MEDIASTREAM; var _audioContext = new AudioContext(); var _audioAnalyser = []; var _freqs = []; var audioLevels = [0]; var _audioSource = _audioContext.createMediaStreamSource(_mediaStream); var _audioGain1 = _audioContext.createGain(); var _audioChannelSplitter = _audioContext.createChannelSplitter(_audioSource.channelCount); var _audioSource.connect(_audioGain1); var _audioGain1.connect(_audioChannelSplitter); var _audioGain1.connect(_audioContext.destination); for (let i = 0; i < _audioSource.channelCount; i++) { _audioAnalyser[i] = _audioContext.createAnalyser(); _audioAnalyser[i].minDecibels = -100; _audioAnalyser[i].maxDecibels = 0; _audioAnalyser[i].smoothingTimeConstant = 0.8; _audioAnalyser[i].fftSize = 32; _freqs[i] = new Uint8Array(_audioAnalyser[i].frequencyBinCount); _audioChannelSplitter.connect(_audioAnalyser[i], i, 0); } function calculateAudioLevels() { setTimeout(() => { for (let channelI = 0; channelI < _audioAnalyser.length; channelI++) { _audioAnalyser[channelI].getByteFrequencyData(_freqs[channelI]); let value = 0; for (let freqBinI = 0; freqBinI < _audioAnalyser[channelI].frequencyBinCount; freqBinI++) { value = Math.max(value, _freqs[channelI][freqBinI]); } audioLevels[channelI] = value / 256; } requestAnimationFrame(calculateAudioLevels.bind(this)); }, 1000 / 15); // Max 15fps — not more needed }


In JavaScript that's the only way to achieve what you want.


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