Watson visual recognition, classify against multiple classifiers in java

I found this curl command in API document that can classify an image against multiple classifiers:

curl -u "{username}":"{password}" \ -X POST \ -F "images_file=@batch1.zip" \ -F "classifier_ids=<classifierlist.json" \ "https://gateway.watsonplatform.net/visual-recognition-beta/api/v2/classify?version=2015-12-02"

I wondered if it is possible to do this in java since I'm working on an android program using Watson's visual recognition service.

thank you


Use this tutorial to set your Java environment


Then take a look on this other tutorial that shows how to use multiple classifiers using Java code


Briefly speaking, your code will look like this

Step #1 - create the classifiers

VisualRecognition service = new VisualRecognition(VisualRecognition.VERSION_DATE_2015_12_02); service.setUsernameAndPassword("*******", "********"); File p1 = new File("/home/leoks/Desktop/models/pos2010-2011.zip"); File n1 = new File("/home/leoks/Desktop/models/pos2014-2015.zip"); VisualClassifier c1 = service.createClassifier("2010", p1, n1); File p3 = new File("/home/leoks/Desktop/models/pos2014-2015.zip"); File n3 = new File("/home/leoks/Desktop/models/pos2010-2011.zip"); VisualClassifier c3 = service.createClassifier("2014", p3, n3); System.out.println(service.getClassifiers());

Step #2 - use them

File image = new File("..."); VisualClassifier vc1 = new VisualClassifier("2010_633980596"); VisualClassifier vc2 = new VisualClassifier("2014_450835300"); VisualClassification result = service.classify(image, vc1,vc2); System.out.println(result);

If your image is identified by the classifier, it will return the score, otherwise, no answer will be returned. E.g.

{ "images": [ { "image": "2012.jpg", "scores": [ { "classifier_id": "2010_633980596", "name": "2010", "score": 0.992153 }, { "classifier_id": "2014_450835300", "name": "2014", "score": 0.833185 } ] } ] }

check the tutorials, they're step-by-step instructions. Good luck.


You can use the Watson Java SDK - Visual Recognition. It provides a Java client library to use the Watson Developer Cloud services, a collection of REST APIs and SDKs that use cognitive computing to solve complex problems.

In your case you can use the classify() method of the Visual Recognition class. Take a look at the VisualRecognition Class Documentation.


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