Swapping two text box values

I have two text box values:-

var pickup = $('#txt-pickup'); var destination = $('#txt-destination');

and I want to swap the two values as follows:-

pickup.val(destination.val()); destination.val(pickup.val());

However, the above will always set both values as the same value. (same as the destination value)

Is there a way of changing both of these at the same time?


I made a jsfiddle for you:

<input id="txt-pickup" type="text"/> <input id="txt-destination" type="text"/> <input id="change" type="button" value="Swap"/> $(document).ready(function (){ $("#change").on('click',function(){ var pickup = $('#txt-pickup').val(); $('#txt-pickup').val($('#txt-destination').val()); $('#txt-destination').val(pickup); }); });




Store the value in the variable than assign it to the another textbox.

var pickup = $('#txt-pickup'), destination = $('#txt-destination'); var d_val = destination.val(); //cache value of destination destination.val(pickup.val()); //change value of destination to pickup.val() pickup.val(d_val); //change value of pickup to cached value of destination


You can store the value of any of these two textbox in a variable and then set this variable as the value of the other textbox:

var tmp = $('#txt-pickup').val(); pickup.val(destination.val()); destination.val(tmp);

<strong>Fiddle Demo</strong>


Try this worked on me

<input type="text" id="text1"/>
<input type="text" id="text2"/>
<input type="button" id="button" value="swap"/>


    var a = $("#text1").val();





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