How do you run iex from Emacs?

I keep on getting this warning when I run iex using elixir-mode-iex from Emacs:

Warning: could not run smart terminal, falling back to dumb one

I think that this just means that I don't get tab completion, which I'm fine with. But I'd like a smart terminal if it's possible with elixir-mode in Emacs.


elixir-mode-iex uses the comint-mode major mode to interactive with iex. That also means that it's acting just like a dumb terminal (doesn't have the ability to process special escape sequences etc see here).

As a workaround you just could use term which sends any key press directly to the subprocess itself. You could write a function like the following:

(defun my-elixir-iex () (interactive) (term "iex"))

I'm working on an iex Alchemist.el integration, which brings functionality like Inf-Ruby has. But until it's done try to just use iex via term




It looks like that warning occurs when IEX can't find tty support. You can enable tty mode in emacs by invoking it with -nw.


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