Passing callback parameters to setTimeout() does not work in IE?

I used the code in js setTimeout function it is working in firefox ;i,e it is reloaded with in seconds. but not working in IE. I changed the method as 'POST', but not request not supported then it changed again in to 'GET'. Any solution ?

function getCallDetails(cId){ $.ajax( { url : 'callInfo.html?cId='+cId, method : "GET", dataType: "json", success : function(data) { callResult=data.rows; showCallDetails(callResult,cId); }, failure : function(form, action) { } }); window.setTimeout(getCallDetails, 1000,[cId]); }



window.setTimeout(function() {
}, 1000);

Hope it helps


You're using a non-IE-compatible version of setTimeout. In IE, there is no way to pass parameters to the callback.

Also, calling setTimeout there is very wrong; you will get exponentially more concurrent requests because each call generates two more calls.


Try the following instead:

window.setTimeout(function() { getCallDetails(cId); }, 1000);

Also I would move that line into the success callback.


this is due to cache problem in IE

this is solved by

function getCallDetails(cId){ $.ajax( { url : 'callInfo.html?cId='+cId+'&randomNo='+ Math.rand(), method : "GET", dataType: "json", success : function(data) { callResult=data.rows; showCallDetails(callResult,cId); }, failure : function(form, action) { } }); window.setTimeout(function() { getCallDetails(cId); }, 1000); }

and random no ignored @ server side.


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